Create More Space – Recycle Your Wardrobe

2 Aug

As a college student August means a couple of things to me.  The first is that summer vacation is on it’s last legs.  The second is moving back to school or simply to a new house/apartment near school.  And like most college students I take this opportunity to do my annual purge of everything I don’t actually use or wear.  This is a great to way to get some extra space in your closet and free up more storage space.  Now I’m one of those people that holds on to items way too long.  I have items in my closet that I bought when I was 16 and being that I just turned 23 I think it’s time they go.
While one of my reasons for not getting rid of items is because I keep telling myself that I might wear it one day, I know that I simply won’t.  The main reason I refuse to relinquish these items is because I don’t know what to do with them.  There are plenty of places to take items you no longer want.  One convenient donation center is .  If you are looking for a little cash a great place to go is Plato’s Closet.  But what about those items that are so worn out no one in their right mind would want them?  Well this is my dilemma.  A super cool website I found, called Eco-officiency, has a company that recycles any item you own.  It seems that worn out clothing is the exception.
I did manage to find a company that recycles these un-usable items.  The only problem is that they are only in New York City and I live in Wisconsin.  This company is Wearable Collections.  Perhaps they could open a branch in the Midwest?  I’ll have to send them some e-mail.  I finally found someone that does take worn out clothing.  While The Salvation Army‘s website does not advertise this; I was able to confirm it with a quick telephone call to my local branch.  The items are recycled into fibers to be used for other purposes.  Finally, a way to feel at ease about ditching those old items!

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