About Me


I’m an interior design student at UW-Madison (Yeah, Sconnie!) and a large portion of what we talk about in our classes is sustainable and eco-friendly design.  It’s a huge deal in the design world currently and hopefully not just a trendy fad.  I’ve learned that sustainable design is always the way to design (common sense) and green design is the way to design if you have no other, more interesting ideas for the space; aka the little black dress of interiors.  What I mean to say is that green design is something to always strive for, but unfortunately, the coolest ideas cannot always be accomplished with solely 100% eco-friendly materials.

I decided to make this blog because I want to learn more about green design and green living and I wanted to share the things that I find with others.  I’m planning on posting about product reviews, tips to be more green, ways to recycle or reuse items, and discussions about things that are happening in green design and interior design in general.  I really want to show people that being green can still be aesthetically pleasing and affordable.  I am planning on posting approximately twice a week to start and adjust it from there.

My personal design style is eclectic and vintage.  I like to mix modern and traditional furniture with fun prints and colors.  I like unexpected touches and pieces to liven the space up and keep it from getting boring.  I’m also very into things that could be considered rustic, as well as native american and asian pieces.

Other things I love include travel, photography, weather, being the proud owner of a devious black lab puppy, and yoga.  🙂

I hope we can become friends and please leave any comments or criticisms.  Thanks!


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